THE SILK, Katerini, Greece

Qualities such as open-minded, cosmopolitan, pulsative and even intimate are just very few ones that The Silk Hotel does not only share with the Olympic Riviera, but also offers its guests. Erected from a 1981 building and completely renovated, it expresses ease as well as clearness and transparency despite being situated right in the heart of this lively city.

The interaction of the lobby, the breakfast room, the bar and the lounge form the living room as one harmonic unit. By the exclusive choice of bright and clear material as well as by the effect of the room’ s width, the hotel itself will become no more than a background attraction in the guests’ eyes, while the happenings around will be focused. Furthermore, the atmosphere is adjusted to the course of our clients’ day: In the morning, pleasing light and smooth music welcome the guests in quietness as well as vitality – in the evening, The Silk turns into an oasis full of energy and underlined by visual orange effects.

The Silk’ s patio is an enjoyable addition to the lobby. Trick fountains, fat boys, timberteck decking, comfortable stairs to sit on, bamboo and mirrors support the communication and interaction of our guests. The open rooms, the bright material and the extraordinary atmosphere make The Silk a wonderful place to spoil the so

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Name of the hotel: THE SILK

Location (country): Greece

Address (street, city & zip code): Riga Ferraiou 21, 60100 Paralia Katerini

Website of the hotel:

Price range: 95-130

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