Mas de l’Amarine, St Rémy de Provence, France

The mysterious alchemy of a small boutique hotel and a succulent restaurant, an amalgam of tradition and modernity. It is the story of an old farmhouse, hardy and proud, nestling in the warmth of the Alpilles hills. Hundred-year old oak and nettle- trees shield it from prying eyes and from the effervescent energy that reigns in the streets of St-Remy-de-Provence.

In the 1950s its privileged location seduced Roger Bezombes, a dashingly colourful artist whose work abounds with graphic humour. Today, this distinctive property opens its doors and secrets for you to discover. Its latest identity is marked by the unexpected – inspired by the spontaneity which triumphs in a painter's lair!

Like a painter's palette, the five spacious rooms are bathed in light and sensuality. A thousand exquisite details and refined touches let you savour each and every moment. In the restaurant, Bernard concocts each dish like a story, invented to vary with the seasons. This is a Mediterranean cuisine, generous, warmhearted and true to its roots which we take pleasure in offering you.

Name of the hotel: Mas de l'Amarine
Location (country): France
Address (street, city & zip code): ancienne voie Aurélia, FR-13210 St Rémy de Provence
Website of the hotel:
Price range: 180 to 360€

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Mas de l’Amarine, St Rémy de Provence, France

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