Il Cannito, Paestum Salerno, Italy

Il Cannito is a new masion built on an old building in 37 acres of rolling hills overlooking Paestum and mediterranean sea, where the rustic charm has been maintained but with new forms of hospitality .It’s consists of exclusive residence recovered trough reconstruction techniques inspired by bio-architectural principles:carefully selected environmentally friendly materials that made it possible to reproduce the original style of rural civilisation that has nearly totally disappeared.

A mixture of colours and scents that intensifies the uncontaminated beauty of places loved by Greeks and the Romans. 4 rooms are available at Il Cannito.

Il Cannito est une ancienne maison transformée en hôtel design proposant 4 superbes chambres. L’hôtel est situé en pleine campagne avec une vue imprenable sur la mer méditerranée. La décoration est simple mais efficace avec tout ce qu’il faut de design. Les chambres sont dans des tonalités de blanc, très classes…

il cannito hotel design italy

Name : Il Cannito
Location : Italy
Address : Via Cannito, 84047 Paestum Salerno, Italy
Website :
Price range : 220€ to 385€

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