Hotel Unique, São Paulo, Brazil

Hotel Unique is one of the most famous design hotel in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Ruy Ohtake is the designer of this beautiful place. The building is composed by six floors with 85 rooms and 10 suites all designed by Joao Armentano.

At the Hotel Unique, you will find all the comfort like air conditioning, plasma TV, etc…

Here is the lobby :

Hotel Unique, São Paulo

On this photo there is a room with an intelligent TV system, which can enable viewing from the bed side and the other part of the room.

Hotel Unique, São Paulo, Brazil

All rooms play with the architecture of the building as you can see here :

Hotel Unique, São Paulo, Brazil

Name : Hotel Unique
Location : Brazil
Address : Avenida Brigadeiro Luis Antonio, 4700 – Jardim Paulista, São Paulo 01402-002
Website :
Price range : 235 – 1850 euros

Photo credit : design hotel

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